25 Crushable Guys Under 25 For 2013

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8. Asa Butterfield  asa-butterfield-enders-game-premiere-october-29-2013-hollywood-california Asa Butterfield might not be a name you recognize right now, but he has a face that you definitely know. The 16-year-old British star of Ender’s Game got his start on the big screen way back in 2008 when he starred as Bruno in The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Yeah remember how that film destroyed you? After breaking our hearts in that movie, he went on to star as Hugo in the Oscar-winning film, Hugo. While he didn’t personally win any awards there, his performance in the movie did put him on everyone’s radar. In 2014 he’s starring in X Plus Y and in 2015 he’s slated to star in The White Circus. In his spare time this year, he found time to develop an app with his father that got released this past spring. Not too shabby for a teenage boy.

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