25 Crushable Girls Under 25 For 2012

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Throughout the year at Crushable, we spend our days obsessing over the most entertaining male and female celebrities in pop culture so you don't have to. And once a year, we wade through our long list of male celebrities to decide who has what it takes to make it on our 25 Most Crushable Guys Under 25 list. Not only must they be under 25, but they must also be so insanely talented that they're guaranteed to be one of the most talked about pop-culture figures in the coming year. Whether they're actors, singers or athletes, we know that they're the guys to watch…and honestly, the guys to stalk.

This year we decided it was time we started ranking our girl crushes as well. Amost every other day we're raving about which actress should win the coveted position of being our fantasy BFFAEAE. It's about time we put them all on a list together, rank them and share our findings with you — our beloved girl-crush-crazy readers.

So, just like with the Crushable guys, we dove right back into the complicated scientific process of picking the 25 girls under 25 who will be the biggest names in pop culture over the next year. From analyzing upcoming movies, pending projects, highly anticipated album debuts and even Twitter followings, we managed to pick the best of the best.

Yes, we spent hours (possibly days) combing through all the most talked-about movie actresses, TV stars, athletes and It girls to create a list so amazing and so full of talent that we couldn't be more excited to show it to you. Despite being barely in their 20s, or in some cases still in their teens, these girls demonstrate how much a strong personality and a dedicated focus can turn an average celebrity into a superstar.

From leading ladies you already love like Jennifer Lawrence to YouTube superstars like Cimorelli that you might not even know, we're here to fill you in on all your new favorite girl crushes.

You can thank us later. For now enjoy meeting some new potential best friends.