10 Death-Defying Winter Sports GIFs To Prepare You For The Sochi Olympics

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Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics LogoAs you might have noticed from yesterday's ranking of winter Olympic sports from least fun to most fun, a lot of those events are rather dangerous. Very dangerous, really. Super duper dangerous, if you're into using that phrase. So many of them involve flipping through the air and soaring down enormous hills. They're the kind of things that make us ooh and ahh while we sit on the couch having not worked out in a week.

In honor of the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympics and the great tradition of taking your life in your hands, let's look at a few of the death-defying winter sports GIFs the Internet has to offer. If you're afraid of heights and/or fabulous figure skating outfits, beware.

1. Snowboarding



How? Just how. How do you make your body do something like that in midair and then land on your feet without injury — or pants-pooping?

2. Ski Jump

Ski Jumping


Ski jumping is about as close as humans will ever get to flying. Every time I watch something like this my muscles tense up.

3. Figure Skating

Figure Skating gif


I've watched Blades of Glory one too many times, so whenever I see an elaborate couples ice skating move I assume it will go horribly wrong. I don't know who should be more scared: the woman being lifted and flipped in midair or the guy doing the lifting and flipping.

4. Luge



I imagine the luge is a lot like NASCAR, except the car is just a tiny sled that you lie on while you race down an icy track. Excuse me while I AHHHHHH.

5. Ice Hockey



Ice hockey has a reputation for being aggressive. I don't know about you, but I have enough of a problem with people slamming into me without having it happen on ice while I'm wearing blades on my feet.

6. More Snowboarding

Snowboarding 2


Where do people get the courage to try these types of moves? Can you buy that at the grocery store?

7. Skeleton



Skeleton's similar to luge, except for one little difference. What is it? Oh right, instead of moving feet first you move head first. No. Noooo. Nope.

8. More Ski Jump

Ski jump landing


I just really admire this GIF because the skiier loses an entire ski on the landing and still totally sticks it. That's some serious talent.

9. More Figure Skating

Figure skating 2


I marvel at the level of trust these skaters have in each other. I don't trust people to bring me back the correct takeout order from a restaurant. I can't imagine trusting someone enough to do this.

10. Curling



Okay, so this one's not quite so death-defying, but curling kind of intrigues me. And that GIF is just too adorable to pass up.

(Lead Image: TV Week)