The Official Crushable Soundtrack To 2013’s Most WTF Pop Culture Moments

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Welcome to the very end of the year, my little darlings. There are a few more days in which you can complete those tasks you've been putting off and get your affairs together before that big ‘ol ball drops and it's 2014, but in general it's safe to assume we've seen all we can from this year. It's possible that something crazy could happen before next Tuesday, but it's also pretty unlikely.

And that's probably a good thing, considering how jam-packed 2013 was with weird stuff. It was pretty wall-to-wall WTF at certain points there, especially when you look back on it. And since the benefit of hindsight comes but once a year, what better time is there to set the wacky timeline of this past year to music? Come along with Crushable as we choose twelve of the most surprising events of the year (one for each month!) that you might've forgotten about, and pair them with a hit song of that month that you definitely didn't forget.

Here we go!


Beyonce lip syncs the national anthem at the inauguration. Perfectly represented by ‘Scream And Shout‘, a song we were told Britney Spears was in, but turned out to just be a collection of her canned, Auto-tuned groans.


Jennifer Lawrence gets all gussied up at the Academy Awards, only to fall up the stairs while taking the stage to accept her award. Just proves no matter what kind of ‘Suit & Tie‘ you're wearing, you can still be a(n adorable) klutz.


Chris Brown and Rihanna are back together and he's been acting crazy violent again? still? — ‘Just Give Me A Reason‘…to to put this kid in jail.


Justin Bieber is given a monkey and he's all ‘I Love It‘! Except then he abandons her at an airport in Germany and never goes back to get her. Just as disturbing and irresponsible as the lyrics to this song if you really listen to them.


It's June 2013, Amanda Bynes is in the heat of her downward spiral, and I chose the song ‘Get Lucky‘, because we all were. Damn lucky that something worse didn't happen, given the feeding frenzy in the media over her ‘crazy' behavior. Because mental illness is so hilarious.


The world is shocked by Cory Monteith‘s tragic death from heroin overdose, a drug most of us hadn't even realized he was involved with. Gives a sad but poignant meaning to the song ‘When I'm Gone‘. 

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