The 10 Unknown Grammy Nominees That You Need To Listen To Right Now

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The 55th annual Grammy Awards Nomination list is out! Everyone is well aware of new artists Fun. and Carley Rae Jepson since their songs “We Are Young” and “Call Me, Maybe” were played over and over and overplayed again.

“Somebody That I Used to Know” was undoubtedly the breakup song of the year, allowing Gotye to make his mark. And then there’s Frank Ocean who made the decision to publicly come out  this year, which ultimately got people noticing how talented he is on the album Channel Orange.

So while a lot of the artists seem to be pretty well known, every year at some point during the awards you probably end up saying “Who the hell is that?” Let’s avoid those awkward moments by listening to some of the other newcomers who are nominated.

Now your inner hipster can say you listened to these Grammy nominees before you saw them accept their awards (or make their sad losing face on camera) at the 2013 Grammys.

Ed Sheeran

Song of the Year

Ed Sheeran is a 21-year-old Singer-songwriter from West Yorkshire, England. He already has a decent following on Tumblr and is recognized for his hard work and humble attitude. His beautifully dark single “The A Team” is about a young addict living on the streets and the song was inspired by a gig he did at a homeless shelter. Back in 2009, while he was still trying to get his name out, he did 312 gigs in one year and now it’s finally paid off.

The Lumineers

Best American Album and Best New Artist

The Lumineer’s are an American folk rock band that’s been playing together since 2005.The simple, rustic quality to their sound is what makes them so appealing and has helped them stand out among the digital, modern sound that bands typically go for these days. The Lumineer’s single “Ho Hey” reached Number 5 on the Billboard hot 100.

Alabama Shakes

Best New Artist, Best recording Package and Best Rock Performance

Alabama Shakes is an R&B inspired rock band that formed in 2009. The single “Hold On” is from their debut album Boys and Girls. What stands out about this band is the bluesy sound that lead vocalist Brittany Howards’ voice gives their music. It’s hard to believe that the woman singing is only 22-years-old. Listening to Alabama Shakes makes you feel like you’re listening to an old blues album, their music is just so raw that you’d swear it was from a different era.

Hunter Hayes

Best new Artist, Best Solo Country performance and Best Country album
21-year-old Hunter Hayes has been making a name for himself within the country music community for a while. He’s already been on tour with Taylor Swift and Rascal Flats and was featured on the Footloose soundtrack. Although he was inducted to the Louisiana Hall of Fame, outside of the country community he’s still pretty unknown. His single “Wanted” reached #1 on the Billboard County charts and peaked at #16 on the Billboard Hot 100. “Wanted” started out as a love letter but ended up as a hit song, which kinda makes me think that Hunter may end up being the guy version of Taylor Swift, except way less annoying.


Song of the year, Best R&B Song,Best R&b Performance, Best Urban Contemporary Album and Best Rap Song
Miguel Pimentel, or simply Miguel, has already worked on albums with Usher and toured with Trey Songz. This is actually his second time being nominated for a Grammy, but he walked away empty handed in 2011. In addition to getting lots of praise and four nominations for his single “Adorn”, off of his second album Kaleidoscope Dream, he also got a best rap song nod for his work on Rapper Wale’s “Lotus Flower Bomb”.

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