Prank Your Friends With Our Fake Oscar Ballots!

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The 85th Academy Awards are this Sunday and we couldn't be more excited for the 16-hour event! Not only are we super psyched to see our fave movies honored for being awesome and our fave people win awards for making those movies awesome, but MANICAM!

In grand Crushable tradition, we'd love to kick off the festivities by presenting our official 2013 Academy Award ballot. Unlike every other site with custom ballots, ours are fake. Well not completely fake. One's very real. And the other's not very real.

You know why? Because the Oscars are very, very long and we're looking to liven them up a bit with a fun prank. Sure, sure the good awards are fun to watch. But the boring awards…I mean, you can only go to the bathroom so many times. So why not use this opportunity to find out which of your friends are pop culture superstars and which of your friends are spending too much time reading things in books. (Sidenote: books?! Can't believe those old bricks are still around. It's like #craycray.)

Getting all jazzed up for this prank? Well before you start downloading them and printing them out, let me explain how it works. You print out both copies and hand out the real ones to your friends who are in on the fun — and the fake ones to your friends who don't know yet that they're in on the fun. Then wait and see how long into the awards show it takes for someone to realize that Kristen Stewart did not get an Oscar nom for her work in Breaking Dawn – Part Two. 

Not sure yet that this is the best idea ever? Well check them out below and see if you can tell the difference between the two. Then CLICK HERE to download the real ballot and CLICK HERE to download the fake ballot.

You're welcome in advance for making your Oscars party the most fun party ever.

Fake Oscar Ballot Real Oscar Ballot