The Best & Worst Celebrity Tattoo Decisions Made In 2012

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Missy Franklin's Olympic Rings Tattoo


Solid gold. She won four of them, after all. Everything about Missy's tattoo makes me happy for her. Nothing to regret, small and classic, extremely meaningful and undoubtedly few people have it as well, hidden under clothes but visible when wearing a swimsuit, and she's underage which makes it awesome that her Mom consented to her getting it done.

Selena Gomez's Roman Numeral Tattoo 


I like this one for Selena. It's understated, classic, a meaningful tribute and show of love to her Mom (the Roman numerals are her Mom's birth year), and she can pull the back of the neck tattoo off without it being poser or awful-looking. After her spat with lover Justin Bieber, we know she's got a little bit post-Disney badass in her, and if people ask what it means, she can give them a simple and honest answer. No one likes a long and boring “what does your tattoo mean” story.

Miley Cyrus's Teddy Roosevelt Quote Tattoo 

miley cyrus tattoo

I rarely see a song lyric or an “original” quote tattoo that I enjoy. But, Miley does a good job here. It's patriotic, it's meaningful, it's in a cool place, and it's not trashy. It's kind of hard to read, but whatevs. If anyone had the potential to get an achy breaky heart redneck-type tattoo, it was this gal. She gracefully dodges that by getting a good ol' American hero speech quote. Bonus points for her hubby-to-be Liam Hemsworth getting the preceding line of the same speech, tattooed in the same place on his arm. Awwww.

Demi Lovato's Birds Tattoo


The X Factor judge is always just so popular, which makes her new tattoo pretty awesome, to boot. Demi's faith-based tattoos were already pretty cool and solid, but the addition of the birds flying up her arm, makes it unique and sweet. We're not sure the meaning, but I'm sure it fits perfectly alongside her “faith, let go, let God, peace” and other inspirational, yet non cheesy, tattoos. I expect a lot of copycats in the year 2013. And speaking of Kats, extra cool points for Kat Von Dee being the tattoo artist.

Rihanna's Isis Tattoo


I almost put this on the naughty list, but after some reflection (yes, reflection on celebrity tattoos), I'll put it on the nice list. It's actually a pretty ridiculous tattoo. It fits perfectly under her chest, it represents a powerful woman-like goddess, and Rihanna got it in memoriam of her late grandmother. I'll bet it was also ridiculously painful, which makes her a soldier. I like it better than the representation of putting “Thug Life” across her knuckles. This is more feminine and powerful, versus the former, which is just ugh.

Robert Pattinson's Faux Tattoos 


Yah I did it. I put Rob on this list. Yah know why? ‘Cause I love him like I'm a 13 year old girl. And of all the celebrity mistakes he could have made, he hasn't gone through with the permanent inking to his Roman statue-like body. Which is why his photo shoot with the fake ones makes me giddy. The tattoos themselves are crap, but I think that was the idea. Just give 'em a little taste of what could be and keep 'em dreaming.

Not surprisingly, there were far more bad than good to choose from in the year 2012. If we can take any advice from RiRi, it's that it's never a mistake, only a lesson. Yeah. Also – please note the multiple former Disney stars on this list. Excellent.

* I'm putting Ke$ha's Suck It tattoo back on the nice list hehehe. Man, I just kind of love her. And I really love saying “Suck It”, to people.

(Photos: Twitter, Bang Bang’s Facebook, Instagram via Zap2It, Demi Lovato, Instagram, Black Book via ImageBam)


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