The Worst Oscar Movie Menu Recipes To Bring To Your Oscars Potluck Party

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It's that magical time of year when you can almost taste the Oscars. With less than a week to go before Hollywood's favorite invite-only party rolls out the red carpet, you can practically feel the excitement in the air as everyone starts discussing their favorite films, the most memorable characters and why Michael Fassbender's penis didn't get the nomination for best actor.

While many other websites may present you with a list of what to make if you're attending an Oscar-themed viewing party, we'd like to do the opposite. We'd like to present you with recipes that will guarantee that no one will ever insist that you make an obscure recipe just to fit into a theme ever again.

Isn't it enough that you're committing 9 hours to watching the show. Must everything on the menu also be all about the show? Our answer, as well as our recipes, say no!

So with no further ado and no family-friendly joke from Billy Crystal, I present the worst Oscar-themed recipes to bring to your potluck.