17 Songs You Won’t Believe Are A Decade Old

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Don't you just wish time would calm it down every once in a while? Because really, there are some things that feel like yesterday that really aren't. Gilmore Girls ending, a decade ago, for example. Falling in love with Ellen Page in Juno, yup… 10 years ago. Singing our hearts out to Rihanna‘s “Umbrella.” That too was a decade ago as well. That isn't the only jam from 10 years ago we can't believe are old AF now. These 2007 songs are also on the list. Feel old yet?

1. Britney Spears's “Gimme More”


2007. What a year for Britney Spears. A meltdown we'll never forget and then a “comeback” that was as lackluster as could be at the MTV Video Music Awards. Oh man, it was bad. She performed “Gimme More” with as much energy as a retirement home. Thankfully she pulled herself out of that funk and went on to be a fierce force with her Vegas residency. Despite the shaky VMA show, the song itself is a bop.