20 ‘90s-inspired Costumes Perfect for This Halloween

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U.S. history has witnessed some iconic eras — the roaring '20s, the '50s, the '70s! But no decade has had quite the impact on modern day life as the nineties have. When it comes to our fashion trends, our TV show binges and our music choices — I think we can agree there was no better time than the '90s. So with all the other influences, it makes sense that we'd want our Halloween costumes to be '90s-inspired, as well!
Whether we're dressing like the Spice Girls with our squad or paying tribute to our favorite Nickelodeon shows, these are the best '90s inspired costumes, like, ever.

1. Clueless

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We can sit and argue for hours (or days) about whether or not Clueless is the best teen movie from the '90s or we can just agree that it is and move on because hello, you're totally buggin' if you don't agree. It not only introduced a generation to the classic “whatever,” but it also gave us amazing fashion to rock in our everyday life, and of course on Halloween. This one shouldn't be too tough to put together after a day of thrifting. So get to it!