19 Miley Cyrus Songs You’ll Adore More Than ‘We Can’t Stop’

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Miley Licks Lips


Guys, I have a question: Do we like new Miley Cyrus or should we still be longing for the girl who couldn't be tamed? It’s a drawn out question, yeah, but I really wanna know what you guys think. Because sometimes I think she’s changed for the not-so-good. My friends are all like, “Get over it, Paris!” but I’m still in my feelings about the image she’s created for herself these last couple years. First it was that arguably disastrous haircut, her break-up from ovary-exploder Liam Hemsworth (which I’m sure is considered a crime somewhere) and then her un-Disney-like performance at last year’s VMAs spawned a series of unforgettable chicken-butt nightmares worldwide. Okay, I quit.

No matter how I might feel about her track record of publicity stunts to remind us she’s no longer Billy Ray’s lil’ buttercup, one thing’s for sure though: The girl’s never been too bad at making okay-to-really okay music. This is coming from a guy who doesn’t mind taking a few slushies to the face (preferably zero calorie) for loving the Miles and having Breakaway on his iPod. Even though we've been through the good, the bad and the ugly peacock-suit, I'll always be a ride or die Smiler. So here are 19 Miley songs you may or may not be able to twerk to:

1. 7 Things

If you share my fixation with Nick Jonas, then you understand why it’s so obvy this one makes the cut.

2. Driveway

“I tried it YOUR WAYYYY!!!!”

3. Robot

Does this girl do anything else but make catchy songs for a living? Gah!

4. Goodbye

Anyone remember this one? OMG… it’s high school all over again.

5. Who Owns My Heart

Miley will have to show me how to do that thing with her neck from 1:00-1:10, one day.

6. My Heart Beats For Love

My heart beats for love too, Miley! Or at least a shot at Liam, just throwing that out there.

7. Adore You

Sensual, seductive and lyrically simple. How does one make a suggestive music video look so cheap-chic? Ask Miley.

8. Drive

Upon first listen, I hated Bangerz. This was one of the few that kept me listening though. And ugh, that chorus is EVERYTHING!

9. Wrecking Ball

Just slay me with your vocals or sledgehammer already!

10. Stay

Supposedly about Nick, just so you know why it’s here. It also helps that it’s freakin' adorable.

11. When I Look At You

Can we get an album of ballads like this one, Miley?

12. Forgiveness and Love

Someone need a cup full of tears? Because I just made a few.

13. Hands In The Air (feat. Ludacris)

Can we just take Ludacris out of the equation? Or would I be disturbing the peace? Okay, fine.

14. Fly On The Wall

Kinda wanna be a micro-video cam on Liam’s shower room wall but beggars can’t be choosers.

15. Party In The U.S.A.

Couldn’t forget this one, America simply wouldn’t allow it.

16. Two More Lonely People


17. Rooting For My Baby

Wouldn’t have been as good if it were sung by any other artist. I’m still rooting for you, Miles!

18. Maybe You’re Right

Can we make a vid for this one too, Miley? How much? Five grand? No problem. My soul should fit the bill. Where do I sign?

19. Someone Else

“Love is patient, Love is selfless, Love is hopeful/ Love is kind, Love is jealous, Love is selfish, Love is helpless, Love is blind.” Death by lyrical overdose. <3

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