Pray Tell, Why Did I Watch A Woman Give Birth On 19 Kids & Counting Last Night?

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Jana Duggar Jill Duggar Midwives 19 kids and countingWhile I'm usually offended by 90% of what goes on during any given episode of 19 Kids & Counting, last night's birthing scenes shocked me. Not because I'm some kind of vagina-denier who doesn't get where babies come from, but more because why?

And before you start freaking out, let me comfort you by saying that it was not Michelle Duggar giving birth. Even though she reminds you every single episode that she did birth all 19 of her children. You know, just in case you forgot. Then after that reminder she quizzes herself on all their names, gets halfway through her game and then takes standing naps for the rest of the day. Oh her eyes are open and she's talking, but she's definitely sleeping. Homeschooling be damned.

No this totally unnecessary birthing scene involved Jana and Jill's patient, Heather. Her water finally broke and they finally got to get down to midwifery. While I'm (non-sarcastically) thrilled that they're working women, I'm disappointed that their work comes with a religious spin. For example, the woman in labor doesn't want to take any drugs because God wouldn't want her to take any drugs. That's written in the Ten Commandments  remember? It's commandment 7.5. “Oh btdubs, don't kill and don't covet and don't you dare use modern medicine when giving birth in 4 million years Heather, don't even think about.”

You'd think that after being raised with religion as part of their everyday life for their entire childhood, the Duggars would feel confident enough about their faith that they could work alongside non-religious people. But alas, that's not the case.

Anyways, so we're in Heather's house as she's preparing to give birth. And we see her in the tub, we see her rocking back and forth, we see her pushing the baby out and we see her baby the moment it's born. Sure Jana and Jill are in the room, but they're not the focus of this episode at all. 19 kids in one house and the best story line they could come up with revolves around a stranger giving birth?

Sure, okay. I guess it's slightly better than watching Jim Bob Duggar and Josh Duggar work out for 10 minutes. Because that was painful enough for me to maybe skip the rest of the season.

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