Meet Anna Duggar’s Sinful, Cool-Haired, Pro-Adoption Folks, The Keller Family

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On last week's 19 Kids and Counting premiere, the Duggars headed to Florida to attend Priscilla Keller‘s wedding, which was your typical awkward religious affair where the bride and groom saved their first kiss for the altar. (And yeah, it was bad.) Priscilla is the older sister of Anna Duggar, who's married to Jim Bob and Michelle‘s eldest son Josh, so you know that TLC couldn't miss a chance for yet another shitshow of a wedding.

But throughout the episode, we noticed that the Kellers didn't quite match up to the Duggars—at least, not the way the Bates do with their own brood of nineteen kids and awful hairstyles. While you had devout bride Priscilla, a lot of her brothers and sisters came across looking and sounding… normal. Faith Goes Pop delved into the Kellers, and discovered that out of the eight kids, several of them have pursued other Christian faiths and as a result are estranged. Juicy!

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The 19 Kids episode cycled through the Keller family so fast you could hardly follow who was who. I now realize that that was probably so TLC would fulfill its obligation of showing Anna's brothers and sisters without lingering on the problem children. The couple that I most wanted to learn more about after glimpsing them were Daniel (Priscilla and Anna's brother) and his wife Candice, mostly for Candice's fantastic hair. Turns out she's a beautician—and even worse, they reportedly adopted a child recently because they were having trouble conceiving. You can imagine how well that went over with these Quiverfull families who don't use birth control and believe that you should allow God to give you as many children as He wants to.

And they're not even the worst! Read about the rest of the family at Faith Goes Pop, including the sister who had a kid out of wedlock. (Jim Bob is clutching his heart even as I type this.)

[Update: all this forward-thinking too much for you to take? Maybe you'd like to read about the sweet and kind Duggar daughters Jill and Jessa, who are pregnant and engaged, respectively. Waiting to hold hands until after their engagements, waiting to kiss until their wedding days, and all around just behaving like the good little baby factories we always knew they were!]

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