17-Year-Old Ali Lohan Models In Lingerie, We Cringe

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When I posted this gallery of Ali Lohan modeling in a manner I felt was inappropriate for a teenage girl, several commenters told me, essentially, to lighten up. One compared Ali’s photos to the Toddlers and Tiaras toddler-prostitute scandal of the same week — in her opinion a much greater crime. I definitely agree that there are degrees of offense when it comes to the exploitation of young girls. However these skimpy-clothes and lingerie photos, taken from Ali’s Next Model Management profile, seem indisputably inappropriate fare from a high schooler.

Whether or not you believe a 17-year-old has the wherewithal to make decisions about her own body, the reality of the situation is that she’s a minor under the guardianship of her mother. And when her mother is Dina Lohan, a woman whose judgment has time and time again been clouded by a yearning for fame, it’s hard to see these photos as more than an attempt to stir up headlines (looks like we’re feeding right into that) and garner more fame for the family.

In terms of degrees of female exploitation, are these photos the worst I’ve seen? No; they’re hardly the worst I’ve seen this week. All I know is that I’m 26, and if someone had taken sexualized photos of me at 17, I’d most definitely regret it by now.