16 Incredible Movies That Were Directed By Women

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If you're ever wondering just how male-dominated Hollywood is these days, take a look at the list of female Best Director Oscar winners. It's a very short one. In fact, the Academy has only given one woman this honor! It's not like Kathryn Bigelow is the only amazing female director out there. Why do we not give more of these women credit? So many amazing movies had a woman at their helm – more than many people realize. Thing is, Hollywood isn't always that keen on giving women credit.

Women have directed incredible movies in pretty much every genre out there. They don't just make rom-coms – although directorial legends like Nora Ephron have done so with aplomb. War movies, psychological thrillers, horror movies, comedies, superhero films… Whatever genre floats your boat, you can guarantee an amazing female director has contributed to the field. Here are just a few incredible female-directed movies that you should make it your business to watch.