16 Fictional Couples Who Should Have Ended Up Together

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The CW

There are happy endings, and then there are even happier endings that we can only dream of happening. We’ve definitely seen our fair share of dream fictional couples in movies and on TV. There’s Lorelai and Luke, Jim and Pam, Cory and Topanga, Monica and Chandler, Holly and Paul, Allie and Noah, the list goes on and on. But sometimes your favorite couple doesn’t actually end up together, and it seems as though that can hurt more than a real-life breakup (not to be dramatic).

We’re not saying that all of these TV series and movie writers were wrong, but we can’t help but wonder how different these popular shows and movies would be had some of our favorite couples actually ended up together in the end. (Because, let’s be real, Rose definitely had enough room on that door to save Jack.) Keep reading to see 16 fictional couples who should have ended up together. But beware: plenty of spoilers lie ahead!