’16 and Pregnant’ Stars Jamie McKay and Ryan McElrath Both Have Arrest Records

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On last week's episode of 16 and Pregnant, we met Jamie McKay, a girl from Asheville, NC. Jamie had a troubled relationship with her father and really hoped that her boyfriend, Ryan McElrath would step up and be a good dad to their newborn, Miah. By the end of the episode, though, Jamie decided to cut ties with Ryan, who had drug problems. The episode really made it look like Jamie was a good kid who had made a bad decision, but recent reports are showing that that's not the case. In the past year, Jamie and Ryan have had four arrests between them. Ryan's are for assaulting a woman [not Jamie] and resisting arrest, plus a citation for underage drinking and a string of tickets that resulted in his driver's license being revoked. Jamie's arrest was for allegedly assaulting a female classmate.

Either way, it sounds like these two are a way bigger mess than MTV portrayed them. Why would MTV care if we know about Jamie's arrest or not? It seems like, since 16 and Pregnant episodes are short one-offs, they have a specific story they want to tell in the episode and simply discard footage that doesn't go along with it. In this case, the narrative was “Ryan is a mess and Jamie is stepping up,” even though that doesn't seem to be the whole story. Well, Jenelle Evans might need to up her game if she wants to still be the baddest girl of this bunch.