5 Facts About 16 And Pregnant Star Devon Broyles

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Here's a 16 and Pregnant episode that manages to be engrossing without trashy: Meet Devon Broyles, who's pregnant by her boyfriend of one year Colin. They've decided to keep the baby, as usual, partly because they have the support of Devon's huge family (which counts another teen mom under its roof). And while Colin is a standup guy who works hard to support his new family, there's the constant fear of him having to serve another tour of duty in Iraq. Here's what to know about Devon!

1. Devon and Colin sound as if they were smart about birth control, and yet it's still a headscratcher when she tells her sister that she got pregnant while switching from the pill to a Nuva Ring. Does that happen often? Or was Devon literally not using any birth control in-between the two methods? You would assume that there was overlap, but maybe not. It's not explained beyond that; it never is.

2. I hate to say it, but here's the cynic: This family would be ideal for Teen Mom 3 because there's so much potential to watch them fall apart under the stress of not one, but two, teen mothers in the house. That's right, Devon's older sister Jane had a baby at 17. There are eight people living in the house, nine once little Landon is born. Even though Devon's parents are divorced, her dad is still in the picture. Her mom is reluctantly supportive of the pregnancy, but she confesses, “Honestly, it's kind of embarrassing.”

3. Let me stress that Devon and Colin have their shit together a lot more than other 16 and Pregnant — or even Teen Mom — couples, but as the viewers we can still see their lack of foresight. What's interesting is that Colin makes a rational argument for them moving in together, but Devon is initially resistant. She'd rather remain living with her family, because then she and Colin won't be draining their savings (smart) and because she's so used to her family taking care of her (ehh).

However, once Landon is born Devon starts to feel cramped in the house, and they start searching for houses, until Colin gets laid off.

4. Colin is four years older than Devon and in the Army. He's been to Iraq once before, and the threat of him getting deployed again is a double-sided sword in that him going back in would get them money, but he wouldn't be around to take care of Landon.

Devon Broyles 16 and Pregnant Landon Colin Army Jane

5. Devon is very active on Twitter as @Dollface_Dev, taking on detractors who call her selfish and accuse her of being lazy:

I was working during my whole pregnancy FYI 😉

I'm far from selfish I am an amazing full time mother and yes I do deserve to have a baby so fuck y'all 😉

I may come across selfish but I'm not I just have an attitude problem 😉

I stay at home and take care of the baby and go to school and Colin works We are doing the best we can <3

That's right, she's still in school and working to get her GED! As recently as May 17, she tweeted that Colin might get deployed again, but so far he's still at home with her and Landon. Seriously, someone sign this young family up for Teen Mom 3.

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