15 Times Justin Bieber’s Career Should Have Been Over

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Justin Bieber attack GIFI am all about second chances, and sometimes even third and fourth and fifth chances, but do you want to know where I draw the line? Preeeettty much right after that, actually. There are only so many times that I'm willing to watch someone do stupid stuff with no consequences and keep my mouth shut about it. Which is why I'm not the biggest fan of Justin Bieber.

Because talk about a Grade A dick, you guys! When he was a little kid, back before his voice broke, his music was one of my guilty pleasures, embarrassingly enough, but sometime between then and now, something changed big time, and Justin turned into a nightmare. Specifically mine.

But since a lot of his fans are silly old tweens who are blinded by his abs, he hasn't had any consequences to his behavior, which pisses me off. So I decided to harness my power (which is fairly close to nil) and make a list of all the times I think Justin's career should have been over. There are a lot of them, so it wasn't hard…

Justin Bieber Shirtless Laugh(via)

1. When he posted a photo to Instagram of his friend Pooh Bear holding what looks like a baggie of white powder. Hugs not drugs, Bieber.

Justin Bieber Balcony Wave(via)

2. When he speculated to the world that Anne Frank probably would have been a Belieber.

Justin Bieber Studio(via)

3. When he abandoned that monkey in Germany.

Justin Bieber Eating(via)

4. When he broke up with Selena Gomez.

Justin Bieber What Is Happening(via)

5. When he pissed in that bucket.

Justin Bieber Car Paparazzi(via)

6. When he got in that brawl.

Justin Bieber Excited(via)

7.  When he got carried up the Great Wall of China on his bodyguards' shoulders like a goddamn boy king.

Justin Bieber Hair Shake(via)

8. When he leaped out of the car at that paparazzo like a deranged flying squirrel and threatened to kill him.

Justin Bieber Shrug(via)

9. When he started coming to his concerts two hours late.

Justin Bieber Car(via)

10. When he formed a BFF-ship with Chris Brown.

Justin Bieber Somebody To Love(via)

11. When he wore his first onesie.

Justin Bieber World(via)

12. When he thought he grew a mustache.

Justin Bieber Beauty and the Beat Laugh(via)

13. When he shirtlessly tried to sneak 15-year old Jaden Smith into that club in London.

Justin Bieber Sunglasses(via)

14. When he spit on his neighbor.

Justin Bieber Talking Late Night(via)

15. When he had a leopard-printed car.

I rest  my case.

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