Let’s Just Hope This Is The Most Racist 12 Years A Slave Headline That We’ll Ever See

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Steve McQueen jumping for joy when 12 Years A Slave won the Oscar 2014(via)

Step aside, Chelsea Handler, because you don't get to be the dumbest person at the party anymore! I'm referring, of course, to the party where we only talk about 12 Years A Slave, at which someone invariably makes themselves look and/or sound like an idiot.

A couple days ago, Chelsea used the fact that Lupita Nyong'o won Best Supporting Actress for the film to plug her book Uganda Be Kidding Me. (While taking over the Huffington Post Twitter, which is why it was posted from that account and not her own.) Yes that's right — Chelsea Handler has a book coming out named Uganda Be Kidding Me. I'd tell you when its released, but I'm not super interested in promoting a pun that shitty. I think it sets a bad precedent for any old phrase thinking it can be the title of a book just because it has a pun in it. I'm trying to protect our future.

But regardless, we don't have to talk about how dumb Chelsea's tweet is anymore, because someone did something even dumber, and decidedly more racist. A newspaper called The Daily Breeze created a headline announcing that 12 Years A Slave won Best Picture, and it went a little something like this:

Daily Breeze racist 12 Years A Slave headline March 2014

I just…no. No, we mustn't do that. Let's just not do that at all. Surely we can find another headline to blare right above a photo with Director Steve McQueen and a bunch of other white producers from a film that takes an uncomfortably hard look at race relations. Surely there was someone in your newsroom who thought this was a bad idea.

No? Nobody? Well okay. I don't know about all your talk about the slave becoming the master, but it's definitely time for the teacher to become the student, because it's pretty clear that you guys are in dire need of an education on political correctness. Jeepers.