12 Sexy Men Who Break the Mold

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Everybody knows that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that what one person may deem beautiful another may feel is average, or not attractive at all. In the celebrity world, there are always certain people that the majority of women find attractive, with classic good looks: the chiseled features, perfect noses and lips. We're talking Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington, Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom, George Clooney, Kellan Lutz, Robert Pattinson, and of course Johnny Depp.

But once in a while you have some men that may not fit the cookie cutter mold and yet have just as much appeal as the “boys next door.” Maybe they have a mystery about them, they look darker or more brooding, or they just ooze sex appeal. It may be the slight imperfection on a face or build that makes a man stand out, that sets him apart and that makes you like him more than the obvious classic guy. These next 12 men have a certain je ne sais quoi that makes them stand out while maintaining¬†some serious allure.