12 Board Game-Inspired Movie Ideas That Are Just As Ridiculous As ‘Battleship’

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The trailer for the Battleship movie hit the web last week, and while it looks better than one would expect, given that it's a movie based on a board game which, at its most exciting, involves sticking a peg into a hole in a plastic ship, I'll be honest with you: I'm a little baffled. How exactly do we get from “A…4” to “OH GOD ALIENS!”? No idea. And honestly, if this is the direction Hollywood is going these days, I'm a little terrified to find out where this Candy Land movie I keep hearing about is going to go. But hey, since I may as well capitalize on this weird let's-turn-board-games-into-movies trend while I can, here are 12 other possible board game-inspired movie ideas to pitch. Call me, Hollywood. I'm waiting.