11 Crazy Dawson’s Creek Amazon Reviews From The Show’s Most Devoted Fans

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Dawson's Creek cast

I don't know about you, but I love me some Dawson's Creek and so do the reviewers on Amazon. Growing up in the '90s, I'd spend hours watching Dawson's Creek reruns while downing my Cap'n Crunch and day dreaming about the next *NSYNC concert. The first thing I thought about when getting out of bed in the morning was “Will Joey Potter (Katie Holmes) and Dawson Leery (James Van Der Beek) ever be together? I MUST know.” Even today, in good ole' 2013, I find myself thinking back on the Dawson Creek's drama and wondering if things could have played out differently? I'm not alone in experiencing nostalgia for the Capeside teenagers; Joey Potter, Dawson Leery, Pacey Witter (Joshua Jackson), and Jen Lindley (Michelle Williams). I mean what would they be doing now? I like to think that Dawson would be a famous filmmaker and Pacey and Joey would have little creek babies running amok. Honestly, I've always thought of myself as part of the gang and not just a bystander watching from the comfort of my snuggie. I invested years of my life believing these characters could find happiness and hoping that I might one day experience similar rites of passage.

I'm not alone in loving Dawson's Creek seasons 1-6! Here are the most intensely dedicated reviewers for Dawson's Creek on Amazon:

Dawson's Creek Review 2

1. The reviewer who used “intentional periods” in describing her love for James. Van. Der. Beek. He also refers to him as an angel, which I believe is a valid comparison.

Dawson's Creek Review 1

2. The reviewer who admitted to being a proud Creeker. As a fellow Creeker, I also feel overwhelming pride when I watch my favorite characters battle their high school/college problems and triumph!

Dawson's Creek Review 3

3. The reviewer who refered to Dawson's Creek as a “beast.” I'm pretty sure it's not a beast, but rather a really well-written television show with inspiring character arcs and intriguing plot lines.

Dawson's Creek Review 4

4. The reviewer who includes metaphors from other '90s movies, such as the reference to my favorite Robin Williams movie. EVER. Hey, guys, remember that time Robin dressed as Peter Pan but as an old man and it wasn't weird at all? Cousinpaco remembers for us all.

Dawson's Creek 5

5. The reviewer who had serious mood swings when it comes to the Dawson/Joey/Pacey love triangle. I was conflicted too when it came down to who I thought Joey should be with.   In the end, I think Joey made the right choice.

Dawson's Creek Review 6

6. The reviewer who made it clear the show was not titled “Pacey's Creek” for a reason.  he is a hardcore Dawson fan who doesn't want Pacey stealing any of Dawson's thunder. I mean wasn't it bad enough that *SPOILER* Joey chooses Pacey over Dawson?!? Girl, I truly believed that my 14-year-old life correlated with the Dawson's Creek plot too. I'd get with my crush if Joey and Dawson got together. It made perfect sense in my middle school head at the time….

Dawson' Creek Review 7

7. The reviewer, who like me, believed he or she is “part of the group”and has extreme anxiety over Dawson's fate. We miss watching him on Don't Trust the B—- in Apartment 23. Hopefully, we see James Van Der Beek sometime soon. Maybe as Dawson again…

Dawson's Creek review 8

8.  The reviewer who called Dawson's Creek “a momentous event in American History.” I'm pretty sure when I think of monumental American events, I don't automatically pick the drama that enfolded in the Creek, but I can sort of see where you are going with this.

Dawson's creek R 9

9.  The reviewer who claimed to be a “Dawson Alcoholic.” Understandably, I can see why someone would be dependent on Dawson's Creek. It's a serious challenge we all face and something we must work through together. As much as we love the creek kids, we can't allow them to completely take over our lives and ultimately destroy us.

Dawson';s creek 10

10. The reviewer who understood putting aside friends and homework to focus solely on Dawson's Creek. You don't need real friends when you have imaginary ones. BUT Joey, Pacey, Dawson, and Jen are real, I say!

Dawson's R 11

11. The reviewer who was a Creeker until the end. All of us loyal Creekers sobbed during our fair share of episodes. We each have our favorite moments and lines, but I'd just like to end with heartfelt words from Joey Potter:

“No, not you. Us. I started this year thinking that I had to say good-bye to you, but I was wrong. Dawson, you're a huge part of my life – past, present, and future – and I have to start getting used to that because… you make my life better, not worse.” 

Yeah, you are a HUGE part of my life too, Dawson. I'll always remember you and your creek gang's tomfoolery. Unfortunately, they don't make them like Dawson's Creek anymore, kids. We'll have to bide our time watching reality shows like The Real Housewives of Miami until one day something remotely similar to Dawson's Creek returns to television. Someone call Joshua Jackson. Maybe there is hope for “Pacey's Creek” after all?

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