9 Of The Best Celebrity Reactions To Beyonce’s Super Secret Amazing Album

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As you are no doubt aware, Beyonce released a “secret” album of 17 songs and 14 videos late Thursday night while visions of sugarplums were still dancing to “Single Ladies” in our heads.  The result was nothing short of earth-shattering, because in the history of music no one has ever released an album directly to iTunes with zero preceding fanfare.  Like, not even Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  This has just simply never been done.  But if anyone was going to change the game of pop music, it was going to be Beyonce.

Suffice it to say, celebrities and fellow musicians were just as shocked as we were for two reasons: 1. They were sooooooo pissed their record labels didn't think of it first (or that they were talented enough to pull it off), and B. Beyonce has officially stolen the Christmas limelight away from both Jesus AND Santa Claus (Sorry about that, Fox News).  Obviously I'm not alone in feeling this way:

Basically, yes.  I am still waiting for a Solange/Beyonce duet, but that might just be too much Knowles for one universe to handle.  #IfOnly

I'm picturing Katy and John Mayer are all cuddled up together in a poncho made of hemp, listening to each song and judging them individually.

Though, to be fair, Snoop Dogg tried to be a gamechanger with that whole “Snoop Lion” thing, so there's that.

Since I moonlight in celebrity tweet analysis, my verdict is that this tweet is one of the few genuinely happy ones from fellow artists.

The only thing that could save American Horror Story this season would be a Jessica Lange/Angela Bassett/Beyonce witch-off.

I guess there had to be one realist in the bunch, huh? He's totally right, but since he mentioned “Yeezus” and Queen Bey in the same tweet I'm saying he's totally wrong anyway.

I love this.

Which is what all of my Christmas correspondence will say now.

I almost did the same thing, except I was sleeping because I have a job that starts at 7:30 every morning :(. Thank God other fans were up, ready to decipher the meaning behind every lyric and video!

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