101: Career Lessons From Kathy Griffin

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With her sharp tongue and piercing wit, comic Kathy Griffin is not for the faint of heart. Always saying what’s on her mind and never apologizing for anything, she built herself a loyal following and a solid brand, along the way blazing the path for a younger generation of female comics like Chelsea Handler. I’ve been a fan of Kathy for many years: I’ve watched Life On The D-List, saw her live show, and lately stood in line at her Borders’ book signing. When I finally got to meet Kathy, she had been greeting fans non-stop for three hours, and she looked like she had just started! That’s when it hit me: she is the consummate professional, dedicated to her fans, proving that her work ethic is not a myth. Controversial Kathy can be loathed by some while revered by others, but one thing is for sure: we can all learn from her. No matter what side of the fence you’re on, here are seven lessons from Kathy’s hard-earned career that will help you.

1. Work It
Kathy began her career taking every job she was offered: she never thought she was too good for a job, and nothing was too small or too last minute for her to turn down. She did it because she needed the exposure, the money, and because she never knew where a job could lead. You would think that after becoming successful, she would change her approach. Nope. Even though she booked Carnegie Hall, she still does non-descript corporate gigs and stand-up shows in towns you’ve never heard of. In the fickle world of entertainment, Kathy does it all because she knows that everything can be gone tomorrow. She proves the importance of developing a work ethic and sticking to it.

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