10 Years After Freaks And Geeks, Sarah Hagan Is Still Playing Teenagers, This TIme On 90210

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We'll always hold a special place in our hearts for Freaks and Geeks, so imagine our delight when one of the show's alums appeared on The CW last night: Sarah Hagan, who played Lindsay's awkward childhood friend Millie Kentner. Sarah's long, freckled face is easily recognizable, and (unfortunately) she was playing the same character: A shy geek prone to blurting out reasons why she's terminally uncool.

But more than a decade after Freaks and Geeks ended, Sarah's playing a college freshman on 90210. What gives?

Don't get us wrong, we're really excited she's actively working in Hollywood. It's just tough to see an actress get typecast, especially in the “helpless geek” role. Even though Sarah grew out of her teenage awkwardness (she was fifteen on Freaks and Geeks), that's obviously all that producers think when they see her.

Last night's episode “Greek Tragedy” was basically The House Bunny, with AnneLynne McCord taking on the Anna Faris role as the prom queen who makes over a dowdy sorority and helps them find their inner goddesses. Literally—they roll into a beach party in togas and Cleopatra-esque headdresses.

Back to the age thing: Freaks and Geeks was one of the rare teen shows that actually employed teenage actors to play high schoolers. Fast forward to the '00s era, where Sarah's contemporaries on 90210 are all in their late twenties and even early thirties. In that way, the 27-year-old actress fits right in. But isn't it astonishing that aside from cleaning up her skin and getting a proper haircut, she hasn't aged one bit?

We can't despair; despite guest spots on Undeclared and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sarah's also appeared on Grey's Anatomy, Medium, and Private Practice. So hopefully she'll continue to move on to more “grown-up” roles.