10 Suggestions For Who Should Host The View Now That They’re All Dropping Like Flies

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The View Cast NY Times Weekend 2009The hosts of ABC‘s let'salltalkovereachother show The View are dropping like flies. First it was announced that long-time co-host and professional shirt-tugger Joy Behar would be leaving. Then rumors started swirling that Elisabeth Hasselbeck's contract wasn't being renewed (I read it on the Internet, so it's obviously true!) Now sources are suggesting that Barbara Walters is considering an exit. This means the only ones left are Sherri “The Earth Is Flat” Shepherd and Whoopi “I Do Zero Research Before I Wander Out Here Wearing A Drop Cloth” Goldberg. So either the show will just get canceled from here or new hosts with be cast, as usually happens. (Do you remember the Elisabeth/Rosie O'Donnell split-screen fight? Those were the days.)

So now that we might have three vacant chairs at the View table, I have a few ideas for who should be hired as the new co-hosts.

Brooke Shields: There are already rumors swirling that Brooke is in talks to join the show. I'd be down with it. She's got the smarts and she's proven herself to have a sense of humor with recent guest spots on The Middle and appearances in Jimmy Fallon's Downton Sixbey.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler: In this case, Whoopi and Sherri should respectfully step down and Tina and Amy should host the show just the two of them. They already proved they were great hosts at the Golden Globes, leading us to want them to basically host our entire lives. I would tune into those hot topics in a hot second.

Fred Armisen as Joy, Kristen Wiig as Elisabeth, and Nasim Pedrad as Barbara: Don't even bother getting rid of Sherri and Whoopi. Just add these SNL cast members in costume and let us watch the weirdness that ensues. And if people say it's too silly? So what, who cares?

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Joan Rivers: She already brings her inappropriate humor to Fashion Police, and we'll be in need of a dose of funny now that Joy's leaving. Whoopi's apropos of nothing valley girl voice and Sherri's boy band obsession don't count. I mean real jokes!

Chris Stark: The nervous BBC interviewer got an amazing interview out of Mila Kunis that took the world by storm, so maybe he'd repeat his luck with other celebrity guests. So what, who cares if he's a guy? He has a British accent, therefore, win.

Ann Curry: Poor Anne Curry. This would be a great way for Ann to get back into the spotlight after her shocking ousting from The Today Show and bring some actual, legitimate reporting to the show.

Nobody: Let's face it. This show has become kind of a cliche. It's the same stuff over and over again. Elisabeth gets worked up about something, Joy makes a wisecrack, Whoopi scolds someone, Barbara looks scandalized, Sherri tried to get everyone to get along. Even with fresh faces, the format is still pretty stale.

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