10 Actors Who Are Total Jerks On Set, According To Reddit

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jennifer lopez as selena big hair

I don't know about you, but I love a good “this celebrity is an asshole in real life” story. This is pretty much the sole reason I troll Reddit, because I need to know if Leonardo DiCaprio is a huge douche-nozzle (allegedly he is) in real life so I can remove him from my naughty time fantasies and replace him with someone kinder, like Steve Carell (who got plenty of rave reviews from people who worked with him).

I've read through the thread entitled “Actors who were jerks on set” and found the 10 most noteworthy instances of celebrities allegedly being dicks, as told by the people who experienced it firsthand. While we don't know if there's any real truth to these stories, we'll still say that they're super fun to read. Especially considering some of the people who got named. Enjoy!