10 2012 Pop Culture Moments We Should Never Talk About in 2013

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The “Best of 2012” lists  include plenty of celebrity mayhem, mugshots, weird baby names, spiritual revelations, LiLo, divorces, fashion, and sad breakups. No doubt, all of these events have kept us talking throughout the year and will even be fun to recap, when reading the end-of-year-lists.

But here's a different list; one that lists 2012 pop culture moments that we never wish to or should talk about in 2013…and quite possibly, ever again. Sadly, there was no Kanye West/Taylor Swift interaction, but Kanye did wear a skirt this year. So let's start with that, as a warm up example, and continue in no particular order.

10. Bobbi Kristina Brown is dating, then engaged to, then broke up with her brother

the houstons on our own 231012

 (D. Salters/WENN.com)

Truth is stranger than fiction and all of the above happened to the celebrity child of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown in 2012. We all felt so shocked and saddened by Whitney's death and wondered how her kid was going to cope. Apparently the new mourning ritual is starting to date your adopted brother, then get engaged, then let him crash your car, and finally, call off the engagement. Let's hope that after he appears in court, she'll straighten up and we won't have to hear devastating (and weird) news about BKB.

9.  We were in awe of Christina Aguilera's Rear

ama nominations 111012


Xtina survived the early years of putting up with teen pop stardom and smoothly transitioned into her current bad self. Bad = so, so good. Even if her presence wasn't felt on the radio, in 2012, she's killin' it on “The Voice” with her judgement, her singing, her hair, and her outfits.  So let's cut her a break on the rear end speculation. The girl has never claimed to be a “skinny girl” and we should be happy to see her as is. It's real and it's fabulous.

8. Jessica Simpson is pregnant…again

Jessica Simpson Pregnant Again


One Irish twins announcement is enough for one year. And by announcement I mean speculation leading to gossip leading to admission. We're happy for yah, Jess, but we've got bigger and more Royal babies to focus on in 2013.

 7. YOLO got way out of hand

yolo gif


NOLO. Just. Enough. Already. It wasn't even good the first time…

 6. The whole country read Fifty Shades Of Grey

el james 070512

(Michael Carpenter/Wenn.com)

It came, it saw, it conquered women everywhere. Now, let's be done with it and move onto other books, simply called adult novels. The jig was up anyway, once everyone knew what it was about…and you were still the creepy person reading it in public. Though it probably made for a very good year in some peoples' bed- errrr lives.

 5. We witnessed concerts with projections of deceased artists singing backup

Tupac Hologram


Yup, this happened at Coachella and involved one Tupac Shakur hologram. I'll admit it was good fuel for the conspiracy theorists' fire (which, by the way, is still going on, 26 years later). But, certain lines shouldn't be crossed and the good nostalgia and memories of 1995 gets lost in the creepiness and crassness of reality.

 4. We watched Demi Moore going crazy…then crazier

OHWOW and HTC celebrate the release of 'Terrywood' with Terry Richardson


It sucks and I think everyone gets it. Being cheated on by your way younger than you husband, filing for a divorce, and then Ashton rebounding almost immediately with his former TV co-star, Mila. Yikes. Demi does deserve to go a little bit out there, but, we can't all say we didn't see it coming. And let's hope that her scary weight loss, allegations of drug use, and estrangement from her daughters will cease in 2013. We'll take an engagement announcement because that's inevitable; we just hope it's to someone a little more age-appropriate. And please, not John Mayer.

 3. We all heard aboutTaylor Swift getting together/breaking up with fill-in-the-blank

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles debut their new relationship with an adorable date to the Central Park Zoo


This is just personal, ongoing, and wishful thinking. Mostly because I'm perplexed, annoyed, care, don't care, then care again, with each announcement. I know it'll keep getting reported because people like to fill the comments section with their haterade-sippin' comments and full-of-truth insight. But come on, we get it, and she's even admitted it. The first step to recovery is acceptance and we never ever ever want to hear about it…like, ever.

 2. We talked a while about a man making a jump from Space

DWP space capsule 120312

Balazs Gardi and Joerg Mitter/Wenn.com

Felix Baumgartner jumped from a space capsule to free-fall to the Earth's surface, in October, this year. The ridiculous thing was that a) there was even a previous world record to be broken and b) I watched the entire thing. Felix broke many of the records he set out to break, but fell short of beating the free-fall time. Let's hope Felix isn't eager to get back out there in 2013.

1. We followed Rihanna's not-so-subtle-and-ambiguous Instagram pics



RiRi's Instagram account is full of partial nudity, smoking, and more recently, Chris Brown. And although she's trying to be sly in his guest appearances, I think she knows it's better to ease the world back into their reunion rather than full-on, blatant announcements. Inevitable as it is, we'd rather not see Chris Brown, anywhere. Thanks. Please stick to near-naked Vogue photo shoot-type pics so hopefully everyone can forget about the former.