The Dark Fan Theories Behind The Emperor’s New Groove are Creepy AF

Why can’t Disney movies, old and new, just be as innocent as we thought they were while we were growing up, huh? Like, Aladdin is apparently a pervert, Nala was supposedly almost raped by Scar, the Seven Dwarfs allegedly represent the stages of cocaine addiction… WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD??

Sure, all of the aforementioned fan theories could be mere speculation with no shred of truth attached to them whatsoever, but, like… every single Disney movie has a minimum of TWO uncomfortable suggestions revolving around it; that’s gotta mean something, right? To add to the collection of WTF suggestions, here are the dark theories behind the 2000 Disney film The Emperor’s New Groove:

There’s an unsolved murder you never realized. This thought came to fruition quite recently after one Reddit user brought the idea to the forefront of the Internet, and we cannot think past it. Here’s the scoop: “While Kuzco is walking in the forest in his llama form, he sees a fly screaming, ‘Help me!’ before it gets devoured by a spider. Now, this is done for comedic value in the film, but I think it’s something much darker.”

The theorist continues, “The only animals that we see that are able to speak in the film are those that were originally human. Take Kuzco and Yzma (her cat form) for example. Neither of them are seen to be able to talk with other animals, like the squirrel who is portrayed to communicate with squeaks and they are left to interpret what the squirrel is saying through the gestures it makes.”

The point: “My theory is that the fly was originally human. This would explain why Kuzco is able to understand its cries for help, but then it gets brutally eaten by the spider and Kuzco is left mortified.” Guh.

TENG has homophobic tendencies, too. Though not as strong of an argument as the mystery murder, a different theorist points out a homoerotic moment between Kuzco and Pacha that borders on homophobic. Get the details here.

Why does Disney do this to us??

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