16 Glam Smokey Eye Tutorials that Surprisingly Use Only Drugstore Makeup

The smokey eye is basically Hollywood’s signature makeup look. From Shay Mitchell to Kim Kardashian, every big-name female celebrity has rocked one of ‘em AT LEAST once in their careers. Not an A-List star and still want to jump on the sultry, smokey trend? You’re in luck! We already showed you hacks that’ll completely change your smokey eye game, and now we’re back with some AMAZING tutorials that prove a smokey eye is easier than it looks. Oh, and did we mention the below videos use only drugstore makeup? There’s clearly no need to spend a fortune to look like a star!

1. Smokey eyes can be dramatic…

2. Or, more natural for everyday wear.

3. But no matter the look you’re going for, you can create it using AFFORDABLE products!

4. Yes, this look is great for New Year’s, but come on — you can rock it any time!

5. Line those eyes, girl!

6. We know black eyeshadow seems scary, but it’s really not.

7. See?

8. If you’re STILL not a fan of black shadow, you can make a smokey eye with basc any color. Here’s how to use a light lilac:

9. Or, a more intense purple:

10. ORRRR a bronze color!

11. You could even go with burgundy.

12. Lashes can make all the difference. Here’s proof:

13. Annnnd more for good measure.

14. But if you’re not comfortable with falsies, you can simply pile on the mascara.

15. Sometimes a red lip can actually pair well with a smokey eye!

16. No matter what ‘type’ of smokey eye you want to do, always remember — you don’t have to spend a fortune to look FABULOUS!

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