14 Easy Elsa-Inspired Makeup Looks All Frozen Fans Will Totally Obsess Over

We already know that some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities look like characters from Frozen, and now, with a little help from some makeup, you can look like the movie’s leading lady, too! By following the simple picture/video tutorials below, you’ll start resembling Queen Elsa in basically no time at all. But, don’t worry — no scary magical powers will result from following the guides.

1. Even though Elsa’s ice dress is blue, her makeup is actually pink and purple.

2. See?

3. Yes, Elsa’s makeup is dramatic, but you can make it wearable for everyday, too!

4. Elsa’s not quite Elsa with the lashes!

5. Can we talk about this transformation for a minute?!

6. Uhm…and this one!

7. When people think of Queen Elsa they think of one color — BLUE!

8. Blue eyeshadow gets a negative connotation sometimes, but it can actually be quite approps for everyday wear.

9. Or…you can take it a little more extreme!

10. Annnd we’re back to purple for a sec:

11. Here’s a bonus for ya: Princess Anna!

12. Go subtle with it:

13. A little glitter never hurt anyone!

14. Yes, Elsa makes for a great Halloween costume, but her look is something you can rock on any day of the year.

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