16 Hacks, Tips & Tricks that’ll Make Your Dark Circles Disappear Forever

Yes, our concealer hacks gave you the most flawless face ever, but there’s still a big issue that we’ve yet to talk about — dark circles under your eyes. Whether you’ve been cursed blessed with bags due to genetics or you simply have ‘em from staying up all night watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix, you know how horrible it feels to look in the mirror and see purpleish rings around your eyeballs.

But, have no fear! You don’t have to suffer with dark circles for much longer, people! The following hacks will completely change your life and make your bags say goodbye forever!

1. Applying your concealer in a triangular shape will help brighten up your face:

2. See?

3. Understanding color theory will help you TREMENDOUSLY!

4. Don’t be afraid to layer!

5. Follow these steps and your bags will disappear in no time:

6. Always make sure you keep your under eyes moisturized to avoid cake face!

7. We know it sounds SO weird, but applying a thin layer of coral/red lipstick under your eyes before concealer can be a huge help.

8. Or, if you’re not into the idea of putting lipstick under your eyes, go out and get an orange concealer!

9. Don’t forget to conceal your tear duct area!

10. Using two shades can help you blend your concealer perfectly:

11. Remember — the skin under your eyes is SUPER sensitive. Always use your ring finger to blend so you don’t pull too hard.

12. ‘Cause while brushes are great and all, the heat of your fingers will really help the concealer melt into your skin.

13. You can actually make your under eye circles disappear using products you probably already have in your house.

14. You can also make your own serum!

15. Remember, hydration is everything!

16. When in doubt, glitter out ;)

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