Steamy Scenes with Ian Somerhalder are Just as Hot & Sexy as You’d Think!

Though Ian Somerhalder‘s all wified up now, there’s more than one lady who can reveal the deep, dark secrets of his K-I-S-S-I-N-G ~*sKiLLs*~. Sorry, Nikki Reed! In fact, three of his co-stars from The Vampire Diaries, including ex-girlfriend Nina Dobrev, came clean about his tongue action in interviews before. Unsurprisingly, filming steamy scenes with the blue-eyed stud are just as hot and sexy as you’d think:

Nina Dobrev — At the end of TVD, Season 2, show favorites Elena and Damon shared a couple of passionate makeouts while Ian’s character was suffering. And, guess what — Nina was ALL about ‘em. She said, “[The kiss] was very sad but beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.”

She then added, “The moment was so short lived and interrupted that I don’t think she’s had time to process it…” Fortunately, before she left the series, the characters had plenty of time to process it (and then some).

Candice Accola — Throwing it back to the days when Stelena was still in existence, Candice’s on-screen alter ego, Caroline, swapped spit and other fluids with Ian’s. When pressed about the matter, Candice admitted that the brooding hottie was “so cute to kiss.”

She later mentioned, “those days are fun on set. Ian is wonderful at his job.” It’s a tough gig, but, hey, somebody’s gotta do it. Any chance we can volunteer?

The CW

The CW

Claire Holt — The blonde beauty’s commented on Ian’s oral abilities on more than one occasion. In one interview, she stated, “He’s a fabulous kisser, of course! It’s not hard to kiss somebody who looks like that.”

In another, she mentioned, “He’s a really good kisser. Yep, that’s what I think everyone would like to know. Amazing, wonderful kisser.” Those sound like pretty rave reviews, no?

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