All the Theories That Suggest CatDog‘s More Disturbing Than You Realized

Nickelodeon has a sick sense of humor. The characters on SpongeBob SquarePants are supposedly meant to represent The Seven Deadly Sins; The Fairly OddParents Fairy Land is allegedly code for anti-depressants. Like… whu-? But, even before those two animated series came into existence, Nick was showing its true (disturbing) colors with CatDog. Here are all the theories that suggest the ’90s cartoon’s more sinister that you ever realized:

1. CatDog was the result of a government experiment gone wrong! The claim goes a little something like this: “A group of animal biologists were testing to see if cats & dogs can breed together. The results were passable, but one offspring (or should I say offsprings?) was resulted as a conjoint twin.” Whoa.

2. CatDog is a mutant. Not in the X-Men sort of way, like with superpowers or anything, but more in the natural conjoined twins sense. One theorist proclaims, “It is possible that two eggs from [CatDog’s] mother were released at once, and after their father fertilized the eggs, they fused together, making them not only conjoined, but fraternal, explaining the species difference.”

3. CD was abandoned. The same theorist as previously mentioned also suggests that the feline-canine pair was forcibly neglected by its parents, and expected the duo to either die or be taken care of by others. “Whether CatDog’s real parents abandoned them out of hatred, or loving them too much to have them suffer through life, I cannot say for sure, but they must have been desperate,” read the theory.

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