31 Weird Cara Delevingne Instas That Prove She’s Not Your Avg. Supermodel

While we all know and love Cara Delevingne from Paper Towns, the one thing that makes her SUPER awesome is that she actually began her career as a supermodel. But…Why is this awesome, you ask? Maybe because when you take a peak at her Instagram account you just might find that she is the dorkiest, coolest supermodel we’ve ever met. And she doesn’t let anything hold her back!

Whether it’s her general sarcastic nature — that her interviewers OBVIOUSLY couldn’t handle in that viral awkward interview she did — or the fact that she’s literally besties with all of the coolest celebs (She’s in THE squad guys. Like, Taylor Swift‘s squad.), we love her. And, after you check out some of her INSANE posts…you’ll come to find that she’s just a little bit bizarre for yourself. But, in the best way possible:

1. She makes monster faces.

2. She knows how to conduct the perfect eye-roll for an interview.

3. Her dub-smashing and sushi face-planting is ON-POINT.

4.She’s not afraid to eat fried foods and hang out in the rain.

5. Silly faces and banana bandanas is her idea of a girls night.

6. She doesn’t try to downplay her excitement around other celebrities.

7. She’s searching frogs for her true love.

8. And once again…her dubsmashes and facial expressions are AH-MAZING.

9. She photoshops herself with the baby-versions of her and her friends. Because that’s completely normal.

10. Her love for the wonder that is pizza is STRONG.

11. She doesn’t hold back when it comes to making puns. And, can we please talk about that amazing sweater?!

12. She makes one adorable — and strange — model turned bear.

13. There’s no crazy cat face that she can’t do.

14. She celebrates new followers in this creative and strange way.

15. She’s doesn’t shy away from incredible Kimye photoshops.

16. Her artsy interpretation of her emotions is nothing less than…interesting.

17. Her funny faces are endless. And worthy of her very own shrine.

18. She dreams of being a Spice Girl just as much as we do.

19. Even as a baby, she was ready for a good old-fashioned surf session. Or so she thought.

20. The ways in which she celebrates new followers really never get old.

21. She can be a real “Animal” when it comes to the drums.

22. There’s no shame in ANY of her public appearances.

23. She sticks a baby hand on her face. Because that’s a totally normal fashion choice, right?

24. Her awkward baby-self seemed to have loved pizza as well.

25. She wants to stay in bed just as much as you do.

26. She’s a total book nerd.

27. There’s no rules when it comes to greeting Karlie Kloss on the red carpet.

28. She loves John Green just as much as you do.

29. Despite being gorgeous, she can actually haunt your dreams.

30. Silly hats and wigs are a must.

31. What can we say? Classing things up is just what she does.

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