29 of the Most Horrific Eyebrow Fails You’ll See in Your Entire Life

It takes a lot of effort to get eyebrows that are on fleek, but it also takes a lot of effort to have brows that are SO horrible people actually CRINGE when looking at ‘em!

Unfortunately for these folks (but fortunately and hilariously for us), they’ve taken the phrase ‘eyebrow fail’ to a whoooole new level. Check out 29 of the worst eyebrows you’ll ever see in your entire life:

1. What did she use to make this happen?!

2. These bad boys defy physics!

3. Well, that’s…angular…


5. Not the tadpole brow!

6. OOHHH heck no.

7. What the actual eff?

8. We love bold brows but this is just excessive.

9. Ummm…

10. Say no to tattooed eyebrows!

11. It’s like she’s wearing a visor…

12. Well, at least she’s got all her bases covered.

13. Two’s not ALWAYS better than one.

14. Well, that’s one way to get your point across…

15. WHY?!

16. Again, bold brows are great when they don’t look like this:

17. How did this even happen?

18. Hook ‘em Horns!

19. Was this a thing that happened on purpose?

20. Please, PLEASE never do this.

21. At least she made an effort…

22. Ohhh yes. Eyebrows are, in fact, supposed to touch your ears!

23. We’re frightened.

24. When Sharpies go rouge:

25. Put ‘em together and you have the McDonald’s logo!



26. Oh no no no.

27. Something’s clearly missing here…


29. *dead*

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