9 Comments Every Single Selena Gomez Fan Absolutely Hates

As you may or may not already know, Selena Gomez is the bomb dot com. She’s beautiful, talented and seems like the biggest sweetheart in all of the land. That’s why it makes no sense that Selenators have to deal with so much BS all of the time over their fave. For some reason, lots of people get a kick out of picking on both Sel and her fans.

But that ends now. Or, at least, accidentally annoying a Selenator ends now. Because it’s very simple to not make any of her fans angry. All you have to do is avoid saying any of these ten things to them:

1. “No one cared about her before Justin Bieber.” That’s funny, the success that she had before they’d even met says otherwise.

Tumblr (selenani)

2. “She’s going crazy.” So, like, maturing? Is that what you mean?

3. “I like the old Selena better.” It’s weird because it’s always fake Sel fans who say this. Stop.

Tumblr (gifsforgomez)

4. “She can’t sing.” Her chart-topping music begs to differ.

Tumblr (gifsforgomez)

5. “She can’t act.” “Well, I’m gonna ACT like you didn’t just say that.”

6. “She’s fake.” Wow, that’s exactly the kind of thing that a fake person would say…

Tumblr (miranda-rph)

7. “I hate [INSERT ONE OF SEL’S SONGS]!” At least you know who NOT to take music suggestions from.


8. “She only hangs out with [ENTER LITERALLY ANY FRIEND OF HERS] to be famous.” It’s too bad that she’s already famous all on her own.

Tumblr (miranda-rph)

9. “She’s so stupid for getting back with Justin all of the time.” Hey, the heart wants what it wants.

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