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Odette Yustman has a penchant for horror flicks. She starred in Cloverfield last year, and now she's back with a super scary movie, The Unborn. Between battling gross potato bugs and dealing with haunted sets, we have to admit -- she's a trooper, for sure. We chatted with Odette about her farm days (yup, she grew up on a farm, can you believe it?!), ghosts, and working with Cam Gigandet! Continue reading for more on this Unborn star.

Which scene in The Unborn was your fave to shoot?
Probably the exorcism scene because there was just so much going on and it was really cool to see how they edited it all together. There was so much action and there were so many characters in the actual scene and working with Gary Oldman in that actual scene was really cool.

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