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We got to chat with one of our favorite Cullens, Emmett! Kellan Lutz plays Edward's big brother in the movie and definitely seems much more like fun-loving Emmett than his jerky 90210 character George. Bonus, Kellan loves the super excited Twilight fans and is hanging out with them in Boston the night of the premiere! Road trip, anyone?

Did you read the Twilight series before you signed on?
I didn't even know that Twilight was based on a book series! When I first read the script, I really liked it and I really love Emmett. There is the whole love story, plus these vampires who want to be human. You haven't really seen that in [vampire] movies. When I got the part my good friend Ashley Greene who plays Alice was like, "you have to read them!" I understand now why it has such a large fan base.

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