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It's the moment we've all been waiting for -- Twilight is finally coming out! We can't wait to see one of our fave series adapted for the big screen with! Check our chat with Rachelle Lefevre, who plays cat-like vampire Victoria, and check back tomorrow for another Twilight interview...

Did you feel pressure adapting the book, since there are such diehard fans?
Yeah, definitely. You don't want to disappoint the fans. This is something that's so beloved, and you definitely want to do your best to pay tribute. You can't be what's in everybody's imagination, but you definitely want to be as true to the books as possible. And that's why all of us were so glad to have Stephenie [Meyer, the author] every step of the way because she was there at the ready with her input. You could call her if you had a question and that was the way to make sure you were staying true to the book and that the fans were going to be happy.

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