Sex and The City 2
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It seemed like a dream come true when the first Sex and the City movie came out, but when we heard there would be a second, well, it was hard to contain ourselves. Writer/genius Michael Patrick King says his inspiration for the sequel was the audience at the first movie (yay us!). "When I would see the audience showing up dressed and I saw some people taking pictures of themselves in the theatre seats, I thought, 'This is an interactive party; this is no longer a movie.'" We so agree. But how did he go out during a recession and make a movie about spending thousands on Louboutins without blinking?! He decided to take us all on a vacation to the most extravagant place he could think of… Abu Dhabi. Read on to get the cast's favorite moments from filming in Morocco and why they still love playing these four besties.

Photo: New Line Productions
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