Are Teens Portrayed Negatively In The Media?

Turn on the evening news, or open your local paper. (Don't worry -- we'll wait.) What do you think of the way teens are portrayed in the media? According to Young People Now magazine, 78 percent of the UK's national media coverage about young people is negative. The magazine also reports that about 90 percent of stories about kids are based upon interviews with experts, and if the teen perspective is given, it appears after that of adults.

The survey, completed by TNS Media Intelligence for one week in May, examined all UK daily and Sunday nationals and major news broadcasters, as well as many smaller newscasts. According to their findings, broadcast media portrays young people the worst, with 87 percent of its coverage having a negative slant.

"If you read the national press, you would think that they're all illiterate, obese hoodies robbing old ladies, and that's such a minority," Nicky Cox, editor of UK's First News explains, citing societal training, tight deadlines, and difficulties getting permission to speak to young people as reasons for the prevalently pessimistic angle.

What do you think: are teens portrayed negatively in the media in the US, too? Sound off now!

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