"I have no date to prom!"

You Said:
"I'm totally FREAKING out! Three guys rejected me after I asked them to prom. I'm the only one out of all my friends who doesn't have a date yet, and prom is in a month! Should I call this guy that I've only talked to a few times and ask him if he will go, or should I take this guy that is kinda a jerk to my friends? Please help, I'm running out of time!"

We Say:
OK, don't freak. Yes, we know prom is a big deal, but the most important thing to remember is that you're there to have fun with your best friends. So that means, DEFINITELY don't bring the "jerk." You'll be worrying about his punk behavior all night.

Try tapping into these resources for prom date ideas:

Family Friend: Yes, we all hate going to our parents for help with guys, BUT there might be someone fun that you haven't thought about asking.

Blind Date: Your BFFs might have a cousin, brother, or random guy friend that they can ask for you.

Work Guy: What about that guy you work with? Yeah, he's kinda shy, but we bet he'd make a really sweet date.

Prom Date Buddy: Your GFs should ask their dates if any buddies want to hit up your prom. Let them do the inviting.

Sorta Solo: OK, we know you'll hate this idea, but it's not the worst thing if you go alone. If you opt out of prom because you can't find a fun date, you'll totally regret missing out. Your girlfriends will make sure you have a great time.

Whether you have the perfect Prince Charming-like date, or just a random buddy in a rented tux, your prom night fun depends on your attitude. Just focus on having a blast with your BFFs and nothing can go wrong!

You Say!