Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson rarely slips up on the red carpet and this time is no exception! Soooo, pretty, right? BONUS: this look works any time of year, day or night! Snag this style and like ScarJo, make it your own!

1. Get the Glow!

Scarlett's oh-so-romantical glow might be from matrimonial bliss, but we'd guess it's most likely from sweeping Nars' Multiple in Porto Fino ($37, over her cheeks and lips.

2. Sweet Pearls:

Pearls never get old and this lustrous Carrie necklace from Alloy ($14.50) can be knotted, looped and tied for loads of diff looks!

3. Empire Waist Floral dress:

We sooooo love that ScarJo doesn't boast her cleavage. Instead, she finds a dress that flatters her clavicle and neckline. Delia's tiered floral Mariella dress ($44.50) is perfectly romantic and alluring.

4. Bright Heels:

Funk it up, ladies! Scarlett shows off her flair for the dramatic with positively posh heels! Go for a bright color like Rebel's Naomi Heel in purple ($59.50, - or whatever shade complements your personality!

5. Clip-On Shoe Deco:

Wanna add color? Grab silk flowers ($2.99/stem), cut off the stem, and glue-gun it to a clip-on earring stud. Once dry, snap it on your shoe, and you've got an haute new look, you Loubou-in-training! This also works on headbands, necklaces, etc. so get DIYing!

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