27 Dirty Tweets to Jesy Nelson that’ll Make You Question Little Mix Fans’ Sanity

Since Little Mix fans love to send dirty tweets to the group daily, why wouldn’t they like sending ‘em to individual girls? And just because Jesy Nelson doesn’t have her own Twitter handle doesn’t stop Mixers from telling her specifically what inappropriate things are on her mind. For example…

1. Oh, okay…

2. NBD.

3. Just some casual Twitter fanfiction:


5. Is this a compliment?

6. In the wise words of Ron Weasley, “she needs to sort out her priorities.”

7. OR DON’T!

8. But why??

9. Well, that escalated quickly.


11. Really?

12. Umm….

13. Leave the girl alone!

14. Can we not?

15. Yes, someone help!

16. NO!

17. Thanks for the info.

18. Wow, that’s dedication!

19. Did it, though?

20. Thanks?

21. Nah.

22. *covers eyes*

23. Thank you?

24. Why is this a thing?!

25. GAGGING!!!

26. WHY?!?!

27. Nope nope nope.

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