"He gave me 365 memories for our anniversary!"

During my freshman year in college, my boyfriend at the time came up to spend the weekend with me for our one-year anniversary. He came up on Friday morning, and while I was in class, he set up a surprise in my room. When I got back, there was a sticky-note with the number 365 written on it stuck to my doorknob. I opened the door and stepped inside my room to see my boyfriend standing by my desk next to a vase of a dozen red roses, one for each month wed been together. Then I looked around the room and saw that every surface was covered in sticky notes. There were 365 of them, and they were all numbered. Each one had a memory written on it of something we had done together -- a date we had gone on, or an inside joke that we had. On last one, the number 365 was stuck on the doorknob symbolizing that day, our one-year anniversary, which would be a new memory. It worked, because Ill never forget it.

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